Bar-B's Brindle Deja Vu
To the right you see "Deja", who is owned by Rasmus Jønsson. I sometimes handle "Deja" on shows and she's a lovely girl with an excellent temperament. Deja have a PennHIP DI on 0,32 and Hips/ Elbows Excellent.
(the photo is from September 2008)

Bar-B's A Red Beauty Box
Below you can see "Lea", who is owned by Birgit Landerholm (Bar-B's Bullmastiffs) . I have also handled "Lea" a couple of times and most recently at the International show in Ballerup, were she was awarded Best Bitch and BOS. She's a lovely outgoing girl, who moves heavenly.
(the photo is from September 2008 and to the right is BOB CH Bullbumpkin's A Touch Of Nietzsche)

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"Lea" & "Touch"